Smart Glass Screen Protection

✔ Build-in a special circuit, connects the device space of the lower left corner and lower right corner with the top left corner and top right corner on the screen, where are the position of most IOS APP for Back Button and Confirm Button;

✔ No need to install software, a dedicated physical [Return Key] is designed to be the simplest and most straightforward way of going back to the previous screen; and a [Confirm Key] is desgined to use the function on the top right corner in most APPs;

✔ A smart screen protector make Apple iPhone 6 plus (5.5") easier to use with a single hand, and diminishes the chances of your screen breaking when your cell phone drops by 99%;

✔ Made of nano tempered glass: anti-scratch, ultra-clear with high sensitivity touch; the Back button itself is invisible, and nothing change in the look;

✔ Attention: The smart "Return" and "Confirm" button are only functional when iPhone is held in hand.